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Rose Thalia

i like ice-cream and chocolate!<3
Rose Thalia
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Louboutin Zoulou

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Get creative #AwesomeEyes

I wouldn't be this brave to try and sport these in public. But it's be fun to learn how to do these! <<< i would wear these IF I was that good at makeup!

In Tutorial no. 2 I compared Marian Bantjes’ American Preview piece for Details magazine to brownstone decorations and 19th c. fancy types...

Blue Pencil: Second Addendum to Tutorial no. Ihlenburg’s typographic work as reproduced in MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan: Typographic Tastemakers of the Late Nineteenth Century by Doug Clouse (New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Press,

3 Best Exercises to Get a Firm, Round, Lifted Butt

Exercises: Bulgarian Split Squats – 12 on each side Donkey Kicks – 40 on each side Single Leg Glute Bridge – 30 on each side Beginner: 2 rounds Intermediate: 3 rounds Advanced: 6 rounds

Cinderella: Beautiful dress, gorgeous smile, pure character. How much better can it get?

Beautiful Lily James as Cinderella. I've also been watching "Downtown Abbey" and she's adorable in the role of a would-be bad girl.

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