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Dreamtime Stories - Tiddalick The Frog

Dreamtime Story Animation "Tiddalick The Frog" for the Marambul Yuganha Exhibition at the Griffith campus of TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Exhibition Coo.

I am, you are, we are Australian

PERSONAL & SOCIAL IDENTITY: Lyrics for the song “I am Australian.” This song provides social and cultural references relevant within an Australian context.

'Red, White and Blue' Bulletin Board by Second Graders in response to picture book at RainbowsWithinReach

Patriotic Response for Memorial Day: Book GIVEAWAY

Waltzing Matilda Lyrics--Great inferring activity. Listen to song FIRST...starts @ 1:11 and try to figure out what the Australian words mean. Then go back to the beginning and listen to the singers  explanation of the Australian terms. Also good for teaching SCHEMA. I had none for this song so it was hard to understand at first.

Waltzing Matilda with Lyrics and explanation of terms- great for Australia continent study :)

I Still Call Australia Home 1998

Qantas Ad III 1998 - 'I Still Call Australia Home' - Australian Girls Choir & National Boys Choir of Australia.

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