Rosie watterson

Rosie watterson

Rosie watterson
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gypsy girl tattoo by on @deviantART

Gypsy head tattoo designs often portray the gypsy with a star gazing look upon her face. This look is believed to hold symbolic importance as the gypsy takes a look into the future.

Love this for a tattoo idea!! Notice the two owls on the belly of the big owl.. this is perfect

Love this for a tattoo idea! Notice the two owls on the belly of the big owl. this is perfect Wilcox haha there you go cause you love owls :)

hummingbird tattoo, tattoo, small tattoo, bird tattoo

My Dad loved to carve, and a tiny hummingbird was one of his best and most loved creations. Now whenever I see humming birds, I think of my Dad. This most definitely needs to be a tattoo of mine.

Engagement ring

Love the elegant features of this band. The infinity symbol has a lot of meaning to us. It's PERFECT! infinity symbol on an engagement ring or wedding ring