c.1930s "Come visit Queensland Australia!" Travel Poster- -Antique-Old-Vintage Reproduction Photograph/Photo: Gicclee Print. Frame it!

Idea: Make Book Travel Poster's using historic ones as a inspiration "Visit Frozen Narnia" or "Live the Maze" for the MazeRunner ex. Visit colourful Queensland , by Percy Trompf. via Boston Public Library. it's true - we have fruit here!

Expo 88 Programme Held in Brisbane, Queensland 1988

If you lived through the will be able to recognise these images. These are the most awesome things from the From Smurfs to Rara skirts to scrunchies

Why can't we have this in 'Murica? If those people walking around upside down all day can do it ... web-700-cant-waste-vote-SINGLE-IMAGE.png (700×3884)

With the Australian federal election coming up in a few weeks — it happens on Saturday, September — it’s time to share an important public service announcement about Australia’s ranked voting system. In a ranked voting system, also known […]

2013 celebrates the 25th anniversary of World Expo '88 in Brisbane. This logo takes me back - so many wonderful memories of this time.

The popular World Expo 88 Sun-sails logo was designed by Cato Purnell Partners.

Couple dancing in competition inside Cloudland

Even before it came into being, Cloudland, Brisbane's most iconic building was the stuff of dreams.

Come to Brisbane

(I don't recommend that you actually come here, though.) Come to Brisbane

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ashleigh brennan: ken cato seminar

ashleigh brennan: ken cato seminar

Dance hall

Cloudland Ballroom - Bowen Hills, Brisbane c 1940 Danced here at the occasional ball and dance, did Uni exams here too.

Logo Expo año 2000

Logo Expo año 2000

original cloudland brisbane - Google Search

(built in Brisbane, Queensland; Bulldozed by the Deen Brothers in 1982 with only the permission of then Premier Joh Bejelkie Peterson, this caused quite a furore as the Wrecking of the Bellvue Hotel in the city had in

Cloudland Ballroom

Side view of the building known as Cloudland at Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, 1946