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And if ever I speak of you, I use the English language to describe who you were to me. You are nameless, because those letters grouped together in that familiar form….. carries too much meaning for my capricious heart.” ― Coco J. Ginger

I sit on the fire escape, humming and sketching in my book. I hear a creak and then spy a boy on the ladder. I set my book down and get into a defensive stance...this could get ugly, after all I can smell it on him, he's a vampire. (Someone b the boy)

(Open rp) I didn't have any friends. No one really spoke to 'the girl with the blue hair.' I'm to different. Sometimes I wonder what its like to have friends or family, it seems nice. But I only have myself. (Open rp, girl or boy needed powers allowed)

Colour is the key. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many chords. The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically. Wassily Kandinsky

“I’m worried about you. I mean, how can you live like that? Anyway, would you call me back? Let’s get together again. I love you.” Enemy dir. Dennis Villeneuve

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"Hey look at me. We are going to make it. Okay?" I gently lift his face to mine, "okay?" He nodded in agreement and I rested my head against his, we will make it, I told myself. - Keri walker

Out of nowhere, a pair of headlights made it's way towards the tired Daniel. He heard the sound of the car, but he thought it was just a figment of his imagination. "There hasn't been a car on the roads for almost a year..." He mused. "Who is that?"

(OPEN RP) I sit in the middle of no where and write about everything that's happened. Everything but I've come here to think too and to take some pictures maybe ding if I'm feeling Disney princessy I sit and just when I get my camera on a deer someone sto