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Materials Needed:12 gauge wireorganza fabric (color of your choice)wire cutters (with needle nose pliers)hot glue gunhot glue sticksscissorsone yard of half inch wide braided elasticspray paint (color of your choice)glitter (optional)tulips fabric paint (optional)fake flowers…

A fairy wing tutorial for those female gelfings. This one uses transparent fabric, like organza


MathBitsNotebook Geometry CCSS Lessons and Practice is a free site for students (and teachers) studying high school level geometry under the Common Core State Standards.

Learning from linguistics and video games- get the students ‘playing the game’, not ‘reading the manual’ – Great Maths Teaching Ideas

James Paul Gee: Learning with Video Games - The gaming expert shares insights into why video games are such effective learning tools.

Art and math projects about circles :: art and math lesson plans :: ideas for STEAM lessons

Art and math projects about circles, art and math lesson plans, ideas for STEAM lessons, shape art projects

Cool math art projects for kids. Home or classroom. Clever ideas here.

Teach kids why what they learning at the time is important. What that subject can be used for in real life. Cool math art projects for kids. Clever ideas here.

Awesome STEM activity for kids. How to make a DIY smartphone projector!

How to make a DIY smart phone projector! Wondering what to do with your overflowing recycling bin? This oh-so-cool DIY smart phone projector will inspire little engineers to turn recyclables into inventions. There’s no stopping the possibilities in a simp