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Leucodendron 'Jester', Phormium 'Guardsman'

Leucodendron 'Jester', Phormium 'Guardsman' I love this combo for the front of your house


How to create the perfect retro-modern mix. From the May 2016 issue of Inside Out magazine. Styling by Ruth Welsby. Photography by Eve Wilson.

leucadendron jester - love this plant, use it a lot!

leucadendron shrub - a bunch a different ones available -- for side bed by Desert Willows. Good for cutting for center pieces.


Phormiums have become icons of Mediterranean landscapes, although they hail from New Zealand and require a bit more moisture than sometimes expected. Here, the bronzy colors of Phormium 'Firebird' combines nicely with Leucodendron 'Safari Sunset', with th


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