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Watermelon Ice Recipe - healthy yummy snack for your family

Easy, delicious, kid- approved recipe for watermelon ice.We actually only used watermelon and ice. To make 3 servings, I used: c pureed watermelon c chopped ice cubes) -Optional: tsp honey

Frozen yogurt banana bites

Snack Ideas: Frozen yogurt banana bites OR for a party idea, blend strawberries into the strawberry greek yogurt, and freeze banana slices for dipping!

Toddler Snack Ideas

Use Greek yogurt! YOGURT POPS "Cake Pop" pan to good use.and placed it in a plastic baggie for easy pouring. Clamped the cake pop pan with the two yellow rubber clips it came with.Filled the cake.

Healthier Choices: Snack on frozen grapes instead of candy or cookies.

27 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier Usually I would say WHAT? Grapes instead of candy? You crazy! But really frozen grapes are awesome! Once I start I can't stop eating them. Just like candy. My favorite are the red grapes.

Frozen fruit cups really good, super easy and healthy. Perfect substitution for freezies and sugary popsicles

Fruit Ice Pops Layer cut up strawberries & kiwi fruit & blueberries. Put in plastic cups, stand Popsicle stick in the middle & add orange juice.

Cherries dipped in white chocolate and edible silver sugar pearls. How pretty would these be for a girls night party, or a shower or wedding. Such an easy elegant looking addition to a dessert table.

Silver Trimmed White Chocolate Dipped Cherries, These would be delightful at a silver trimmed tea party. The cherries are in season here in Wisconsin, and I am oh so tempted. ~MWP - Cherries Dipped in White Chocolate