Potato and Ham Croquettes with Thermomix

Potato and Ham Croquettes (Thermomix) - perfect dinner if served with a salad :)

Quirky Cooking: Chocolate Banana-Nut Ice-Cream

Chocolate Banana-Nut Ice-Cream (just frozen banana, nuts, cacao powder, agave/maple). I like the sound of choc chips added, plus rum and raisin - thanks Elisa! Will have to use a food processor instead of thermomix.


Potato and Leek fritters. 1 leek 1 clove garlic chickpeas potatoes, peeled & chopped into chunks Sprinkle of chives teaspoon salt 2 eggs plain or rice flour 2 tablespoons canola oil for frying.

Bacon and Vegetable Bites

{Bacon and Vegetable Bites} 1 small zucchini 1 carrot 1 potato 1 onion or 5 spring onions A few sprigs of parsley 6 slices of short cut bacon, diced (or chopped in Thermomix) grated cheese milk 2 egg self raising flour 1 tabs stock paste concentrate

Put vegies/ham etc onto baking paper on veroma. Blend up your eg mix in the Thermomix bowl and pour over the contents. This mix had 6 eggs and some milk. Place 600 ml of water into the TM bowl and position the lid and Varoma. Cover the Varoma with the lid. Set the Thermomix for 15 minutes at Varoma temperature and speed 2. Check after the 12 minutes has elapsed to see if the frittata has cooked.

Thermomixer: Frittata in the Varoma the one i make

Quick and Easy Rice Fritters using Leftover Rice

Leftover Rice Fritters-Quick, Easy and Delicious. Egg, onion and cornstarch. Try frying and freezing. Simple flavors to serve with a sauce appropriate to the meal.

Cheesy Chicken Parmigiana Pasta — ThermOMG

Cheesy Chicken Parmigiana Pasta