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Tamara Magel design at the Holiday House Hamptons Photographer Rikki Snyder. HC&G. Behind the bed is an enamel-on-plaster painting by Peter Buchman, a New York artist, that states, “Just another thing hanging over your head.”

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A white office definitely isn’t for everybody, but I do believe that more people can pull it off than you’d think! I’ll never pass up an opportunity to make a strong impression. The only other thing you need that isn’t on this list is some confidence!

Pete's Winter Garden--it would be fun to decorate our deck a bit like this in winter--all weatherproof items, of course (no blankets or leather). Just to have something to look at...

Odds are you'll be spending a lot of time in your home office, especially if you're self employed or telecommuting. While you can find many things you may need

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