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Samantha Hockey

Owner of a small photography business. This is my favourite website to find cool ideas and inspiration.
Samantha Hockey
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how to tell how old your eggs are - time to throw out once egg floats to the top

would make a nice removable roost too....

Make a ladder-style perch for your chickens! Cut wood beams for each leg of the perch, cut the ends of the beams at an angle and assemble each side of the ladder. Cut wood branches to equal lengths an

A Beginner Guide for Building a Chicken Coop.

LOVE the ladder! Floor Space for Chicken Coop and Runs - Raising Chickens - coop design floor space how much space for chickens how much space for hens space requirements square footage for chickens - Backyard Hencam

Ramp attached with eye bolts for easy removal for cleaning.

Future coop idea- Wichita Cabin Coop - BackYard Chickens Community - "Ramp" attached with 2 eye bolts for easy removal for cleaning.

Essential OIls and chickens Written by Janet from Timber Creek Farm timbercreekfarmer. first appeared on Backyard Poultry Magazine!

Flystrike is a HUGE killer of chickens but for some reason it isn't talked about a lot. Read this so you know the signs and exactly what to do if it happens. Because if it does, you only have a day or so to help her.

My heart sank as soon as I opened up the coop doors to let everyone out for the morning. Every morning the routine is the same and this morning was no different. Wake up, pad downstairs, throw my … Continue reading →

Please check out: It’s wicked Thrilling!

Please check out: It’s wicked Thrilling!