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Sandra MacLeod
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'I'm older and you have to listen or I'll tell Mummy!' - Dachshund Sibling keeping young puppy under her control

OMG so so so cute Like father like son

Mom, I'm really sorry about the cushion but that noise scared me.

My mother is a genius ♥ #doxie

indeed ♥ Is this look a doxie thing, or do all dogs do this when you talk to them? My doxie does this a lot.

Dachshund puppy

Looks just like Bubba when he was a pup. He was my "Tootsie Roll"

Have you been good?

Look what Santa brought for Christmas a doxie puppy.i wanted a doxie for christmas

Blue dachshund puppies...say what?! I had no idea doxies came in this I have to have one!

say what? I had no idea doxies came in this color.: Dachshund Puppies, Doxie S, Blue Doxie, Blue Dachshund, Animal