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This science teacher giving up for the day.

My science teacher gives us mini marshmallows when we answer a question right. But we have to catch them in our mouths. Best class ever

"Без названия #68" by anastasiya4957 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art

(kinda tomboy, loosefitting, relaxed artsy stuff) the cuff at the bottom>>> the flannel as a mini jackets>>> nd I want the backpack too

50 FRESH MEMES FOR TODAY (13.09.2017) #91

50 FRESH MEMES FOR TODAY (13.09.2017) #91


I love you Lou more than anything no matter what no matter how far away we are even if you dont onow who I am I will still love you forever and always:) :(

Greatest Photobomb EVER

Paul Cole in the Greatest photobomb ever.this man is so cute ( The Beatles Abbey road )