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And if you thought you'd seen it all . . .

Faith Restored in Humanity. Sorry for the words but this describes faith in humanity.

The Humor Train

An Kety Pet Supplies. Woodstock Encore Collection Verdigris Chimes of Mercury Windchime. The Chimes of Mercury is named for the innermost planet in our solar system which, in turn, was named for the ancient Roman messenger god.

I'm pinning this here because it's my most popular board. Repin guys. Repin repin.

If you see an ambulence (with sirens OFF) let the pass! They turn them off sometimes so heart attack patients don't get stressed out more!

I hold veterans in the highest repect. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Lonely last man standing. Last veteran from his group at veterans parade. Made me tear up, thank you for your service. I'm going to cry this is so sad! I just want to run up and hug him so tight.