Paleo Veggie Bread

Paleo Veggie Bread

* Please keep in mind this nutrient-dense Paleo Veggie Bread will not rise like traditional loafs. We prefer to toast each slice of veggie bread before eat

I Quit Sugar: Porridge 3 Ways

Porridge 3 Ways

Come the cooler months, we swap our summery breakfasts for a comforting bowl of steaming porridge! We've made it our mission to pimp the humble bowl with three of our current favourite toppings, to have you inspired come breakfast time. – I Quit Sugar

cauliflower pizza2

Roasted Vegetable Cauliflower Pizza

This IQS Program - Roasted Vegetable Cauliflower Pizza is ingenious! Whoever came up with that base is truly great! A nice saturday night treat to accompany my movie

Potato Bake with Rosemary   Cheddar

Potato Bake with Rosemary + Cheddar

We love this warming Winter potato bake, layered with sharp vintage Cheddar cheese.

I Quit Sugar: Salmon + Dill Quiche

Salmon + Dill Quiche

Did you know: Salmon is an excellent source of protein for maintaining and repairing body tissues? What better way than our Salmon + Dill Quiche! – I Quit Sugar



Colcannon is an Irish dish that combines mashed spuds with mashed kale or cabbage - yummo! Ingredients 1 kg potatoes, well scrubbed and chopped into chunks. butter, at room…

I Quit Sugar: Millet, Roast Veggies, Pietro's Egg + Pomegrante

Millet, Roast Veggies, Pietro's Egg + Pomegrante

The original recipe by Peter Gordon contained vegetable oil.

I Quit Sugar – 5 ways to cook potatoes (that will convert even the biggest tater hater)

5 most delicious ways to cook potatoes

From foolproof crunchy spuds to the creamiest mash, these potato recipes will get your tummy rumbling.

I Quit Sugar - Simple Eggs + Veg breakfast recipe.

5 savoury snacks to get you through the sugar cravings

This super simple egg + veg breakfast recipe is the perfect dish to fuel you for the day ahead.

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