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Face Painting

People Painting Gallery and Information

Ink - Dove Catchers

This ink painting contains a short poem, a style inspired by the haiga art form. It reads: beware the dove-catchers and the eaters o.

Ink - Moon Aching In Pines

Here is a very small ink painting with a short poem. I love this combination and I'm looking forward to making more in this style. The poem.

Ink - Feeding the Monster

A new ink painting. This one depicts self harm, a woman curled on the bathroom floor, bleeding into the drains.

Logo for group The Gap

Today I finally bunkered down in my studio for some non-art degree related art making. to make the logo f.

White Cat Art Journal

I've been busy painting a new blank art journal.

Ink Painting - seascape

I created a new ink painting recently, inspired by the sea scape I've been sculpting:


Today I presented the results of a term's work in my concept development class at Tafe. The topic was Food and our works had to incorporate .

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