Fragrant and aromatic, rosemary has a bevy of beauty benefits. The plant moisturizes, fights off skin-damaging radicals and promotes healthy healing of skin. Rosemary oil can also help with dandruff conditions as it balances the scalp’s oil secretions.


Someone else pinned this as well. Will have to try with rosemary & green onions (I saw that you could re-grow them in water-

rosemary lavender bouquets wildflower inspired wedding sundance resort utah florist calie rose sarah kathleen photography

rosemary lavender bouquets wildflower inspired wedding (MELANIE AND JJ, I like this for my bridesmaids but more controlled/tamed.

IGBY Australian wedding native florals, gum leaves, rustic, navy and bentwood chairs

Using native Australian flowers and greenery means your flowers will stay beautiful on a hot day.

Long sleeved boho wedding dress and wild greenery bouquet. Oregon Beach wedding near Lincoln City. Photo by Hazelwood Photo, published by Ruffled.

Lincoln City Beach Wedding Editorial

Rosemary bouquets on chairs

Bunches of rosemary tied to aisle chairs make a fragrant ceremony decor option. Can also use Lavender or wild flowers.

Rustic Wedding at Bablyonstoren

Rustic Wedding at Bablyonstoren - Once Wed

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