Matthew Henderson

Matthew Henderson

Hi, I'm a pretty simple guy who loves spending time with my wife and kids :)
Matthew Henderson
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Third Day - Awesome Christian musicians

My favorite band. This pic of Mac in the front is how I conceptualize Pastor Vince in Flee from Evil.

Greg Laurie - a wonderful Bible teacher and Pastor.

Free video broadcasts from ministries like Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Jack Graham, Beth Moore, more!

Paul Keating - the last great leader in Australian politics. A man of conviction

This is Paul keatings 1993 remembrance day speech about the unknown solider who died in WWI.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull - Fizza

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is named in the Panama Papers as a former director of a British Virgin Islands company previously set up and administered by law firm Mossack Fonseca to exploit a Siberian gold prospect.

Adele. One of our generations best voices.

Pretty much completely in love with Adele since I watched her DVD concert recorded at Royal Albert Hall.