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Frnk Iero & the Cellabration

frnkiero andthe cellabration, behind the scenes of the video, Joyriding. Photo by Jeff Crespi. /// I know this is frnkiero andthe cellabration but mcr is still secretly together okay shhhhhhh

Frank...Uh, I think that food might be done sweetheart :) haha

My Chemical Romance, music, frank iero, black parade era<<< he looks so chill like " oh it's on fire k then cool"

That wink.

In light of the upcoming March 22 (if you don& what that is, I envy you. (two years ago on that day, My Chemical Romance broke up.)), here are a few gifs of our lord and saviour, Gerard Way.

Why doesn't this happen to me?!

Young female found dead on the middle of the street after Frank FUCKING Eiro said I like your shirt.