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Burn 300 calories! - I should do this every morning to jumpstart my day ... especially when I'm traveling.....jumping jacks for burpees then rope jump with double unders
I have a daughter who seems hates challenges. She'd rather get mad and give up than persevere. She does not have what professor Angela Duckworth calls grit and author Carol Dweck calls it a growth mindset. And I'm sad. (And kind of worried, too.)
50 Ways to Praise and Encourage Your Child
Character badges---> discipleship, motivation and consistency! This program is simple to use and perfectly effective!
Trying to get your child more interested in exercise? Several simple tips that can make a big difference!
This packet has fifty, fun and exciting field day events that have been “battle tested” and have been given the seal of approval by many elementary and middle school aged students. This is your “One Stop Shopping” place for creating events for a successful field day.
Circuit Training Exercises for Kids
paying down debt
Martial arts and discipline trains the brain to focus.
Martial Arts For Kids in Rugby, Ju Jitsu Techniques, Ju Jitsu for Self Defence, Self Defense for kids