3 Lessons from The Kokoda Track

In August this year I walked the Kokoda Track for 8 days. We were a group of 6 hikers and had trained for 4 months. Here are 3 lessons I learnt.

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How to Think Like a Strategist

Traveling is a great way to gain new perspectives on life. Here are some of the drawbacks and benefits of traveling during each stage of your life.

Why Asana is the Ultimate Productivity Platform

I love the new Asana. The interface is clean and useful, without being distracting. Here are 9 features that make it a stand-out productivity platform.

What Makes a Great Mission Statement

When done well, a good mission statement aligns all areas of an organisation. But done poorly, mission statements can just as equally alienate people.

9 Secrets From Digital Leaders at Daze of Disruption Conference

I often tell my clients they already have a rough draft business plan, it’s just tangled up in their brain. It’s up to them to extract those ideas and get them on paper, so they have a road map for their company.

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How to Build Mobile App Features that Keep People Coming Back

A prediction that with advances in technology, we will be able to bring back dead family members based on their social media histories.