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Urlaubsbilder und mehr, diaryofashowjumper: the love i have for this...

This is showing a close relationship between horse and rider, look at the horses eyes.tells a lot about the rider and the treatment of the equine.

Mylord Carthago & Penelope Leprevost. I like that she always seems to ride horses in simple bits. The horses seem more natural, less complicated. Beautiful rider.

Leprevost’s Mylord Carthago to be retired at Gucci Masters in Paris….

Hunter jumper

Lovely dark navy jacket and classic black to match a stunning bay show jumper…

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Existing is a fact, living is an art

Take up horse back riding again! Really need to start again, it feels like a part of me is missing.

reed kessler

After a Great Ride with Bear! Anyone Wanna come meet me at Dover? Than we can get Icecream or Something!

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Hunter jumper eventing horse equine grand prix dressage equestrian--- over jump…

Don't we all want to be Katie Dinan? Human development/regenerative biology student at Harvard, already has competed in World Cup and Nations Cup Finals, just won the the Ocala $250,000 Grand Prix... And has lovely horses!

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