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Modern Drought Tolerant (Xeriscape) Garden Even the desert is far from devoid of beautiful plant life. Not all of the Southwest US is desert, yet all have to be cognizant of water use! Love some of the plants used in this pic.

An old sink& sewing machine base for outdoor flowers.

old sink and sewing machine base for outdoor flowers.what a clever brain you have, Cherry Hill Cottage!--I don't have the old sewing machine base, but I can figure something out. My old sink looks almost exact to this one.

westringia fruticosa grey box coastal rosemary; flowers in spring summer and autumn. ideal for hedging. 40 cm high and wide. Excellent in coastal positions

Westringia Fruticosa - Grey Box Coastal Rosemary // Zone 1 // Front garden hedge or bush. 40 cm high and wide. Excellent in coastal positions.

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If you need inspiration take a look at these 15 ideas how to recycle tree stumps that make gorgeous garden decorations.

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vintage bath tub planter ~ nice use for those old claw foot tubs that are coming out of old house remodels!

Myoporum parvifolium - effective Australian native groundcover.

Myoporum parvifolium - Uses: Groundcover and erosion control Fire resistant Heat tolerant Wind Tolerant Coastal Tolerant

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Drought-tolerant plants are perfect if you live in California or anywhere else! If you want to save water in the garden but don't want it to look like a desert, check out these water-wise tips!

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Gardening with succulents - tips for growing your own oasis. {Little rocks and succulents would be an idea for driveway beside fence} planter box

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3 - L-shape bench as per drawing b, with integrated planter 4 - Nice lighting 5 - small bed underneath bench

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voor als alle kinderspeelgoed de tuin uit is....

Courtyard Garden with Limestone Patio with Hardwood Deck and Framed Japanese Maple. Is a good understory tree in North Texas or to plant in an area that gets afternoon shade.

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Modern treatment of lawn, wood and pavement. contemporary landscape by Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

for our rental senecio, agaves, kangaroo paws, sago palms, succulents

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The carpentry of New York's finest craftsmen and custom cabinet makers, who specialize in outdoor garden structures.

Teak Fence and Backyard Garden Deck - City Beautiful Carpentry: A modern design using reclaimed teak from china. By using reclaimed wood, this client ensured that no trees were felled to create his ultimate backyard meditation garden.