Scott Squires

Scott Squires

Los Angeles, CA / Director / Visual Effects Supervisor (THE MASK, DRAGONHEART, STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE, etc)
Scott Squires
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Photographer Jessica Drossin Takes Magical Autumn Portraits Of Her Kids

Portrait Photography of Children in Fall - Beautiful Fall Photos I like this portrait because this little kid is having a lot of fun splashing in puddles. I like how the picture was taken at the right moment so you get to see the splash of the puddle.

Dreamlike Landscape Photography by Matias Alonso Revelli #inspiration #photography

Matias Alonso Revelli is a talented photographer and retoucher currently based in Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Polar Panorama Photography – Making your own little planets out of photos

Polar Panorama Photography has become so popular that most of the mobile software has an option for making polar panoramic photos inbuilt as an app. It has become so easy that 2 or 3 clicks can get you an interesting Polar Panoramic Photography.

Surreal Photo Project by Mikael Aldo,,,

If skies and waves created paradise. by mikaelaldo It has been a year, I think, since the last time I went to a beach. It was nice to feel the waves on my feet again. I took some beautiful sceneries.