Scott Turner

Scott Turner

'How funny it will all seem, all you've gone through, when I'm not here anymore, when you no longer feel my arms around your shoulders, nor my heart beneath you
Scott Turner
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Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest lifts the Red Grail, keeper of Sanguinius' genetic legacy

In the name of Khorne

A triumphant World Eater finishes off his foes. This is not done out of mercy, but out of the cruel demands of his god - Khorne.

warhammer 40k deathwatch character sheet - Google Search

Epistolary Sabazius of the Exorcists Chapter, during his secondment to the Deathwatch, wielding the Serpent Staff of Sabazius.

El Descanso del Escriba: Pre-pedidos de estas semana:Deathstorm y pinturas....

A Blood Angel in the throes of the Red Thirst savagely attacks the Chapter's foes