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Superb Photograph of The King of Beast the Lion.Rob: if "humans" (i. if they r human) kill off the big cats there will be vengeance visited upon those actors PS This applies for the big rain forest gorillas too


When I was a kid, I loved the tire swing in our yard, so I recently tried swinging on one. Turns out, that saying, "Some things never change" isn't necessarily true. I was totally nauseated for about an hour and a half after swinging f Free.


The Kodoma Zome as so it's called is a giant hanging hammock/bed/couch that you can hang from a tree branch or purchase an optional tripod to hang it from the ground, where you can relax outdoors whil.

Energy Alternative

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My Home? - If "Power My House" means to reach net-zero electrical utility bill, the necessary number of panels can be calculated based on yearly usage.

Good Reputation

Personal and business reputation management service. We are a professional reputation management agency dedicated to fighting for your good reputation.

Easily Contactable

Samsung - Refurbished Galaxy LTE with Memory Cell Phone - Black Sapphire (Verizon)


Chalkboard wisdom: "If you say you will, be sure you do." Be a person of your word, consistently. It builds trust.