Handcrafted Model Cruise Ocean Liners

Cruise ships and ocean liners play a special role in the hearts of ocean world travel. Not only are they the largest ships upon which most people will commonly travel, but their combination of luxury services and amenities with exciting or exotic locations make voyages aboard one of these great vessels a memory that will last a lifetime.
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Carnival Miracle Cruise

This handcrafted wooden model cruise ship is designed to capture the true essence of the Carnival Miracle cruise ship.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise

Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise models are at museum quality and would be a great gift for any occasions.

Queen Mary 2 Cruise

Spending holidays in a grandiose cruise ship floating in the ocean is one of most exciting things in our life. Keep your memorable time alive with wooden cruise ship model of the Queen Mary II.

RMS Titanic Cruise 60cm with lights

Luxurious and elegant, the RMS Titanic was the most sophisticated and magnificent passenger cruise ship of her time. With incredible workmanship, Seacraft Gallery proudly offer RMS Titanic wooden model cruise which evoke the majesty of history’s most famo

Handcrafted Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise 80cm Model cruise ships Ocean Liners by SeacraftGallery on Etsy

Handcrafted Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Model cruise ships Ocean Liners by SeacraftGallery on Etsy

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