Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games. Launched by the Australian Sports Commission in July 2008.

Yulunga*: Traditional Indigenous Games is a activity resource of over 100 traditional Indigenous games created to provide all Australians with an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and experience aspects of Indigenous culture.

Australian curriculum resources

Literature to support the Australian curriculum: History. This will also cross curriculum to English. A great tool for teaching year 4 students

The Language of Belonging: Education resource based on indigenous animation Wadu Matyidi.

Language of Belonging is a multi-platform education resource designed specifically for Primary-aged students. It is based on the ground breaking Indigenous animation Wadu Matyidi.

Our culture | Sections | Share Our Pride. Explaining family and kinship. Aboriginal and Torres Island Strait families.

This video is about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders family and Kinship. It is a short clip that explains how Aboriginal kinship is different to Australian kinship. It also details how to understand Aboriginal kinship.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures - ABC Splash

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures - ABC Splash. A brilliant learning resource site.

Torres Strait Islanders flag, NAIDOC, history and symbolism

recognised by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission in The Australian Government then recognised it in The star represents the 5 island groups within the Torres Strait.

8 ways of knowing

The framework is expressed as eight interconnected pedagogies involving narrative-driven learning, visualised learning plans, hands-on/reflective techniques, .

This website will give students a glimpse of how life looks from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective.

Reconciliation Australia - School Resources etc. - Building relationships for change between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians

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