Sharp angles

Harpur Garden Images Ltd :: Zig Zag wooden decking path between boundary wall and house. Pebbles and cobbles create a mulch to mimic a dry river bed.

Brick steps

This seaforth garden design was a challenging project, landscaping on a 45 degree slope with limited access via land or water.


Sandstone edged steps with crushed sandstone treads- give a casual look and facilitates curves.

Pathways or motorways?

Secret Gardens design gardens with the whole family in mind. Gardens can play an important part in the development of children. It may be through exercise like trampolines, climbing walls, play equipment or an old tyre hanging from a tree.

Narrow paths

These two small backyard ideas beautifully incorporate swimming pools into outdoors, creating gorgeous, functional, pleasant and chic outdoor living spaces with inviting small dining areas and miniature garden designs

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