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It is time to start organizing the linen closet. Whether you have a closet or use a armoire, there is beauty in everything having a neat and organized space. The linen closet is not the biggest storage area of the house, but it is expected to store a variety of items. Bed lines, a selection of towels, first aid,...

Cleaning consultant and author Marie Kondo says that all you need is to listen to each piece on how it wants to be handled

Clip packets together at the top with a binder clip. Hang the binder clip from a small Command hook.

If you have a hard time keeping seasoning packets organized give this little tip a try! Put a small Command hook on the inside of a cabinet, clip the packets together with a binder clip, and then hang on the hook.

DIY :: Magazine file attached on the cupboard door. Brilliant!

Use A Magazine Rack To Store Kitchen Wrap ~ 12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips. I bet you could make the "magazine rack" out of a big cereal box! Just wrap it in some cute paper!