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Witch's Brew: A writing and art activity

This Halloween writing activity is great to use any time during the Halloween season! See what creative recipes your kids can come up with for their own "witch's brew!"

Witches Brew and More- Witch Unit

This mini-unit includes:- NWF sorting activity- Fat Old Witch Poem- Opposite Cards- Predictable Chart Cut-a-Sentence- Cut-a-Sentence mini-book- Wicked Sentences- Writing Paper for Writing Activity- Explicit Vocabulary Paper- Label a Witch- Witch Bubble Map- Math Writing Prompt- Witches Brew Ingredients- Witches Brew Poem- Witches Brew Sequencing- Witches Brew Pictures- Witches Brew Parent Letter- Rhyming Sorting Activity- Venn Diagram to compare 2 different Witches Brews- Venn Diagram to…

My Witch's Brew Craftivity

My Witch's Brew Craftivity Writing prompts are great....but they are definitely more fun for your students when a craft is added to the activity. This set is perfect for Halloween and includes:- A Witch Craftivity with a picture, patterns, and directions- Writing Prompt: If I were a witch...(1 line, 3 dotted)- Writing Prompt: My Witch's Brew Recipe(1 line, 3 dotted)- Witch's Brew Bubble Diagram- Witch Bubble Diagram- P is for Pumpkins Letter Hunt Page- H is for Halloween Letter Hunt ...