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Phonic Sounds

Age Suitability: Prep - Grade 2 A phonic sounds poster which illustrates the various sounds made when learning to read and write. colourful, fun, and vibrant way for kids to learn, about the English language

Word Family Word Wall.

Word Family word wall - i like the visual with the list of words, might have to find a space (window?may have to go back to buying brown packing paper to cover windows to make them more functional

letter combinations

Anchor Chart: Letter Combinations and Blends Chart. This chart is a helpful tool for students to learn letter combinations as well as a visual and an example for them to see it.

Lesson on vowels, phonics and phoneme

A Turn to Learn: Prezi! A Great Way to Engage Your Students!---Vowels, digraphs, and LOTS of word families

Many wonderful balanced literacy resources.

This school district has it going on.classroom "discussion" strategies/roles like "math talk" but for other content areas.

ESL Websites

Experts have now created the world’s first online Metaphor Map, which contains more than metaphorical connections sourced from pieces of lexical data, some of which date back to

ESL teaching materials

could sure use these printed and cut out as a fun activity for my Brilliant ESL students!