t beat homemade Cheese and Bacon Rolls! Spread a little tomato paste down over the risen bread dough, top with cheese and bacon for a pizza style roll. Why not be

My Cheesy Herb Crackers are a massive hit here and are so easy and quick to make. These Cheese and Bacon Crackers are a tweak on these. The key to t

Thermomix - Scones are always a big hit in most households. I have never had a great deal of success with them until recently. Lemonade scones are something I have

Recipe Spinach Tortillas/Wraps - Recipe of category Baking - savoury

This morning my three year old and I have been busy experimenting with some Christmas goodies and time got away with me so I  didn& get to make bread dough for lunch. My Tortillas/Wraps: Herb and Garlic Wraps Spinach Wraps

Bread Pull Apart Plait - great idea instead of plain bread/bun, now it's filled with savory goodness

I love crackers far too much. If I ate crackers and dip for the rest of my life I wouldn& complain much. My 4 year old and I have been munching on these all day. They are nice on their own but would be even better with some dip or cheese.

Transferred from my FB page - a very popular recipe! Tonight I thought I'd experiment with dinner. Instead of the usual pizzas I thought I'd try pizza pocket

Cheesy Herb Crackers – The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer