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Dan looks so done even without a face. Always.<< repining mostly just for that comment

You know dan would literally burn to prove his point to phil << Dan looks so done and he doesn't even have a face

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I'm trying to figure out if that girl photo bombed or if someone just caught her at the wrong moment.<<< XD XD same

I want to do this

omg what thats awesome i want a piggy back ride from both of them<<RIGHT that girls is lucky

omg woah, for a bit for some reason it wouldn't let me change the description and I was like gah>> DAN XD

He's wearing his Papyrus shirt. And he's wearing Cookie Monster pants. And his response was from Hamilton. I love this man///// Is no one going to talk about the face he makes in the third picture?

Imagine being her mum like, 'yep, she has met Dan and Phil, if this is any indication, I shall just reply politely because otherwise a ton of misery from my daughter will come, and if I'm rude, I may offend this guy and his friend, and as their mega-famous, I should NOT do that!'

I would freak out if he ever did message my mom I don't really know how my mom will react

quote of the day. I stand by this quote! <3

quote of the day. I stand by this quote! <3

dan and phil | Tumblr

Really, when Is someone gonna start sipping Dan with his fu**ing cereal already? Oh my Irene, really?

Aww omg punch me, fricking punch me, punch me god, I'm literally dying, I am dead, omg

Omg I just noticed dan and Phil are dabs grandparents how did I not notice that