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Western Australian native : : the Wild Rose is a small to medium upright shrub 1-3m with showy red flowers surrounded by pink bracts from late autumn to spring | Diplolaena grandiflora

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Diplolaena grandiflora, commonly known as Wild Rose or Tamala Rose, is a shrub which is endemic to Western Australia. It occurs on limestone outcrops and ridges in an area between Geraldton and North West Cape

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nice big shaded sandbox. i wonder what's an attractive way to cover up the sand box, while not in use. i also have concerns about scorpions, bugs and birds also liking the tree...

Esperance wildflowers -- Lechenaultia tubiflora – Heath Lechenaultia The Heath Lechenaultia is common in near coastal sandplain heath either side of Esperance. It then continues west until the big timber country past Albany, where it then heads north to near Perth and the coastal region south of Geraldton. Flowering is recorded from August to January, but around Esperance (dependant on seasonal weather conditions) October to December is usually their best time.