collaborative mural on side of the lower pod with all the students hands.. trunk and swirls black

Killam Family Tree Year two~ Each student traced his& hand and selected one color to decorate the hand with symbols that repre.

A worksheet to help with any Aboriginal art/design project.

Aboriginal Art is a fantastic topic for children. They will learn a little about who the Australian Aboriginals are, their symbols and what and how they paint.

Natural Playdough Seed Ornaments!

Rangoli patterns on playdough using natural grains (Butterflies Childminding)

Australian Animal Sticker Search Discovery Tray - CleverPatch NAIDOC Week

Sticker Search Discovery Tray - use with dinosaur stickers for DIno theme or pirate stickers/coin stickers for pirate theme.

Yarn-wrapped, cardboard snakes make a for a fun meditative activity for children that can then double as a prop in imaginary play games or classroom decor.