Pintant arbres de tardor

Fall Tree Craft Using a Dish Brush

Fall Tree Craft Using a Dish Brush Fall craft for kids - Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

So fun!

Cardboard Tube Printing

Cardboard Tube Printing-I like this for year olds because they can grip the toilet/paper towel roll

Australian Dot Painting- Kid World Citizen

Australian Indigenous Art: Aboriginal Dot Painting

Australian Indigenous Art – Aboriginal Dot Painting Integrated Art Crafts from Around the World - In The Playroom)

Aboriginal Australian bark painting

Aboriginal Australian bark painting- could use fabric combining print and stitch

Idea for Aboriginal designs on drift wood... Something to do when they are done. If your an art teacher you know what I am talking about!

Inspired by Free People

DIY Colored Sticks - Ginette Lapalme has created beautiful DIY colored sticks by painting driftwood. This piece of art could be turned into a craft for kids that could .

Aboriginal Clapping Sticks - kids craft

Aboriginal Clapping Sticks

Aboriginal Clapping Sticks are an easy Australian craft that toddlers will love - both making and playing with afterwards. From @ LaughingKidsLearn

Fall tree cork painting is a great fall project. Omit the tree trunk and make a painting using other bright colors

Fall Tree Cork painting- good excuse to drink more wine.I need those corks for my kids to do crafts!

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