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38 Inspirational Quotes About Life

I longed for real love and looked in places that felt safe. My reaction to the reality of it was immature. The pain was terrible and I wonder if I will forget the good that once existed. Care maybe, love not a chance.

15 of the best self love quotes to inspire you!

Are you interested in quotes on self love and worthiness? Here are 15 of the best self love quotes to inspire you and make you feel like enough.

Old School Mens Dagger Snake And Traditional Skull Forearm Tattoo Design

Discover death and peace at the same time with the top 50 best traditional skull tattoo designs for men. Explore old school ink ideas and inspiration.

Skulls which are haunted by ancient spirits. Sketched with a #2 pencil on photocopy paper.

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Black and gray snake and dagger tattoo by @scottmove

Snake and dagger styles. But no impalement. The dagger appearing by itself can represent protection, bravery and courage, a person being a warrior or fighter, but it can also mean independence, death and sacrifice.