Sharna Blundell
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"expecto patronum tattoo" because lighting your way the way you want it is so much better than being in the dark.

Person's meaning behind the tattoo: "The spell actually means ‘I await for a protector” in Latin. In the Harry Potter itself, ‘Expecto Patronum” is used to repel Dementors. Dementor is the guard of the Azkaban prison, a dark creature that absorbs your joy

Last tattoo at Anatomy!  One shot on a super tough lady.  The last year and a half has been awesome and I can’t wait to see everyone at Wonderland Tattoo.

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need to work up the balls to get a similar sleeve

A colorful mandala tattoo on the sleeve. The tattoo consists of red roses, a wolf’s face and classic mandala flowers above, all in shades of bright red and gray. YES.