Shawna Simpson

Shawna Simpson

Nadia was here!! 25.01.11 You mad! <3 xx in no particular order. my lovelies: brit <3 stella <3 (my better looking other half) kiowa<3 (groper!) jordy <3 (
Shawna Simpson
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I've decided I need a cicada tattoo. I need to look up the body structure of the ones I used to hear in North Carolina in the summer.

lilischagerl: “ Cicada Pomponia Imperatoria One of the first drawings I did here in Barcelona, in july I have a big interest in scientific illustration, and I’ll be publishing some of my works.

Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs. Could also do this on back of my neck.

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26 Ways To Embrace The Oncoming Cicada Invasion

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"Amethyst" Adult Cicada - So beautiful, I love the idea of crystallizing something dead. Wonder if it's diyable...

"Amethyst" Adult Cicada · Tyler Thrasher · Online Store Powered by Storenvy

Alexandra Engelfriet - Skin of the Earth

I really love this poem. I've started hearing the cicadas already. Sick of his own face, sick of his skin, of the dark, he crawls outside himself To sing - a better poet than most.

Coming soon

Tattoo design contest: A mandala for my forearm. I would like it to be made from grasses, maybe small flowers, leaves, bugs etc.