Fragments of Writing

Bits and pieces of stuff inspired by various images. Really this is just playing around, but some of these might be incpororated into other bits of writing, or might be reworked to form something else enitrely.
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HIM: 'Promise me you'll never leave. Promise me you'll always love me.' HER: 'I promise.' HIM: 'You promise softly, like a butterfly.' HER: 'That is where you are wrong. Mine is a rare promise...a blue zebra promise. You are not likely to ever get that again...not in one lifetime.' Zebra Blue Primrose

"The Zebra Blue Primrose is not colour enhanced. this is the way they grow. Primrose: I cannot live without you, young love, February birth flower". So this is my birth flower, I had no idea!

She has hair the colour of midnight. Her skin is porceliain pale and so transparent you can trace stars in the veins below. She is almost invisible. She is celestial. She paints in night tones.

Queen Nut- the Egyptian sky goddess. She IS the sky and her lover is the earth.

Dew drop sunshine over junked up town.

Rain Drops hitting my window, leaving weird colours? by Roberto Vazquez. Like the idea of small dots then swirling the colors around to make it hazy and interesting.

I skin myself, meticulous, thoughtless, shameless. Never show all, resounds in my brain like a new formed constellation. Could he be the one? blindly pushed forward by generations of subliminal conditioning & a vision of Prince Charming in my unbalanced mind. The urge to procreate, the idea of a soul-mate. Peel back the epidermis, reveal the bloody mess within. Not for the feint hearted, the deed is done, the words are given, the self-revealed, the die cast.

Notes: Broken mirrors for reflection, broken glass to shoot through. Use poses to highlight the broken aspect.

THE COLOUR OF LIPS part 2: Its petals cry down on the fallen below, devoid of colour and covered in filth. Where rivers of trade and bitument flowed, trees come to pass, and there, the girl with doe eyes and heart shaped lips the colour of long forgotten flowers, sits in mud and tatters, garbles her sullied sounds and stares, with glistening saddness, at the teardrop shaped disk of lightness landed on her blackened toe. Words:

Esa was lost in an unfamiliar wood. this wood would not obey her, for it was filled with dark magic. she didn't know what to do, so she sat and wept <-- wish I knew who originally thought up the description.

Today I got caught in a massive rain storm. Water gushed down streets & overflowed from gutters, roads turned into rivers, lakes took up residence across intersections & street corners...& in seconds I was as wet as the sky was grey.

"listen to the rhythm of the falling rain" First line of my favorite pop song when I was a kid.

She worried about things. About things that worried her. Piercing things, spidered, consuming, tornado-ed. She worried troublesome things. Happy things, still and contented. Tossed around, lost and sinister.

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THE COLOUR OF LIPS part 1: Growing from a crack in the bricks, high above the earth, where the paint is peeling and, neglected of care, the rust of pipes below bleeds brown and dirty, there grows a tree that dreams of a girl with doe eyes, its flowers the colour of her heart shaped lips.   Words:  Image: Antonio Mora - "Enredadera"

Artist: Antonio Mora - great photography art - not street art, but beautiful photoshopped images, see more of his art

He sailed away today, on the sea at dawn. He stepped into a boat, and pushed off. He fixed his cap firmly on his head and, waiting for the rip to carry him away, he just lay down. Nothing more. No last look at the shoreline, No wave goodbye, just an endless gazing at the sky as his bowed carriage bobbed gently up and down.  Image by Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth ADRIFT 1982 ~ wow, this painting would be a great topic in discussion