Recipe creation at it's finest - stand at fridge eat last of the fudge,follow that up with clinkers. Oh MY! Here you go thermomix clinker fudge! Enjoy!

Thermomix Clinker Fudge - ThermoFun

thermomixclinkerfudgethermofun milk chocolate condensed milk raw sugar butter 1 Tbsp liquid glucose (available from supermarkets) Clinkers cut into thirds by hand (set a side a few for decorating)

Yoghurt pizza dough for the bellini

Stick Stitch Cut: Yoghurt pizza dough for the thermal cooker [BIKM]


Yes, this slice takes only 5 seconds to whip up, it will literally take you longer to get all all your ingredients out of the cupboard than it will to .

Playdough in the Bellini Kitchen Intelli Master

Playdough in the Bellini Kitchen Intelli Master

I made these playdough icecream sundaes for my daughter's third birthday party. It started with the thought, "hey, I could make a bit of playdough for the party bags". Then I found the little icecr.

Thermolicious: Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin is such a versatile vegetable. Not only is it great for soups and roasts and baby& first food, it is great in baking. And it& pe.

Garlic Prawns

Creamy garlic prawns in the Bellini

Man, do I hate peeling prawns. It's okay if you are on holiday, and lazing on the balcony in the late afternoon with friends. But I almost gave up on this meal when I had to devote a precious block.

Hot Cross buns

Hot cross buns in the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Machine

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