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"Disney gif of opening sequences". I loved how they made the opening sequence in…

Quiz: Which Disney Character’s Wedding Dress Should You Wear?

I got Tangled! You got Tangled Ever After! You are a cheerful and outgoing person. Your wedding would be filled with laughter and love, as well as a lot of light. Don’t forget the lanterns! Which Disney Wedding Should You Have?

Try one of these 6 DIY Kimono Tutorials for a fun summer outfit!

Make your own DIY kimono with these easy tutorials. Some are no sew kimono tutorials other require sewing. I obvs will no-sew.

@lexi Pixel Salinas Nerd humor for you, lol. A date like no other…

I think march 2015 will be awesome! it will be Pi day! what is more spacial than that? Happy Pi day everybody.

Everything changed so fast....

The salmon desires you. Im pinning this for two reasons, one guys know the rose color meanings and be thats just weirdly funny

Kid #FAIL #funny #lolsx

38 Epic Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself<--- that llama is like "nuh uh little.<--- every llama is like that <--- so every llama is pretty much Cuzco.