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This is a funny animated gif of a prank where a passed-out guy gets a guitar drawn onto his stomach with foam / cream (or maybe its toothp.

lol is this how you texans feel now with all that sleet?

Here we are sharing 20 most intelligent answers by students. These students are funny and their answers are hilarious. All answers are LOL.

Self Assessment: Maxim- 6 6 Sieb- 6 6 Hally- 6 6 Shiv- 7 6 Hanna- 6 6 Harrison- Nice motifs son!

Nokia piece of shit – meme - Meme Collection


If You Ever Feel Stupid - Whenever you do something stupid, just remember that Roman emperor Caligula waged war on Poseidon, Funny Picture


the face the kids make makes me was to roll on the floor laughing its so cute and funny