Silver and Some - Evolve - Murano Glass, Southland

This historic region is overflowing with variety, scattered with pretty coastal villages and peaceful inland towns. Naturally appealing, the region is awash with stunning scenery, with a captivating w

Silver and Some - Evolve - Murano Glass, Hokianga

Hokianga glass charm by Evolve NZ is handcrafted from Murano glass for charm bracelets, Evolve necklaces and Tribute ring. The perfect gift reflecting the beauty of NZ.

Silver and Some - Evolve - Murano Glass, Coast To Coast

This beautiful charm celebrates the magnificent adventure of traversing New Zealand’s South Island, exploring silvery riverbeds and dramatic mountain passes, from the Tasman Sea to the Pacific Ocean.



Silver and Some - Evolve - Murano Glass, Arrowtown

Built on a long tradition of gold mining, this quaint and tranquil town is at the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Lakes district. Arrowtown is world-renowned for its rich autumn foliage, which makes a

Silver and Some - Evolve - Murano Glass, Aotearoas Autumn

Evolve jewellery NZ is inspired by the unique culture and natural beauty of New Zealand.

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