Yoghurt Berry Slice

If you've got some yoghurt about to go out of date then this is a great recipe to use it up! It is soft and moist and oh so delicious.

Rocky Road

Rocky Road is a real treat, it's sweet and delicious and my husbands favourite!

Raw Coconut and Almond Bars

Raw Coconut and Almond Bars - Sistermixin

Peppermint Slice

It was coming up to Christmas time and we wanted a nice after dinner snack.so peppermint slice was added to the list of things to make.


Easy Lemon Slice

This Lemon Slice is very easy and super tasty. There are only a few simple steps to create it and it will freeze well (iced and all)'

LCM Bars – Sistermixin’ Additive Free Style

We’ve wanted to make marshmallow bars for a long time, but I wanted them to be additive free, being an additive free family and all.

Hokey Pokey Brownies – Gluten Free!

These delicious Hokey Pokey Brownies are so soft and sweet. They are a real chocoholic's dream and the added Hokey Pokey Bits make it so special.

Energy Boost Beetroot Slice

Beetroot is an amazing source of energy, so used in this slice you will fix the slump with a slice of this. It freezes well iced and all.

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