Chocolate Nut Free Weetbix Slice | Stay at Home Mum

GF Weetbix - A rich decadent version of the old classic Weetbix Slice, this chocolate nut free version is great for school lunches or kids parties.

Cotton Grandelier - hardtofind.

Grandelier pendant light

Cotton Grandelier - hardtofind.

Vintage Rose Bird Clock - hardtofind.

Vintage rose bird clock

Vintage Rose Bird Clock by SheLovesRibbons on Etsy

Geometric Aztec Scarf Candy Neon Pink - hardtofind.

Geometric Aztec scarf candy neon pink

Rob Ryan Money Box - hardtofind.

Rob Ryan Money Box

Stella Trio Votives - hardtofind.

Stella Trio Votives

Fine Bone China Illuminating Votives Fine Bone China Dimensions: x Hand detailed platinum acce.