UNDER THE CUT are 107 lookalike images of RACHEL BERRY during bathtime“While the majority of these are either faceless or simply of legs and bubbles, keep in mind that there are a few NSFW pictures...

A theme we lesser acknowledged in Hamlet was suffering. From the suffering inside Hamlet's head to the suffering in death most characters in this play endured. Suffering is inevitable as we'll all experience it most likely at the end of our lives.

✿ i love the starks and targaryens but i would choose to be a tyrell if i had to live in the asoiaf universe bc they live among tons of pretty flowers, they're got fancy floral outfits, most of them are gay (or so i headcanon), and they're sassy af ✿

Daily word search reminders for victims of Narcissistic Abuse in recovery. Article includes helpful reminders about Cluster B personality disorders and links.