I love the counter on too of the washer and dryer, I don't need the sink and I think the counter should stop there and too off to give you space to long items. But a great concept!

I love the counter on top of the washer and dryer and extends all the way to the door and incorporates the sink. Under cupboard lighting is a good idea and I need a new laundry door and this could be an option, it will let more light in.

Taupe laundry l Modern and stylish laundry l Luxury laundry l Wrap up of the laundries, powder rooms and cellars on The Block l The Block Triple Threat

The Block Triple Threat: Wk 4 l Cellar Laundry Powder Room

The common laundry never gets any love 💛 I'm completely in love with what Dee & Darren did on 👌🏼

Grasscloth Wallpaper Gallerie B More

Trend Alert: Grasscloth Wallpaper

Alex and Corban's Living Room and Entranceway. Grey is used again in the entrancehall complementing the black and white artwork. The Block NZ 2014. - Visit blog.curate.co.nz for links to all products

Alex and Corban Block NZ. Love the wood panels elongating the entrance, inviting.

The Block Triple Threat: Room 1 Guest Bedroom

Darren and Deanne's guest bedroom impressed the judges, securing them a permanent spot on the Block Triple Threat.