Dhal Puri (Guyana)

Dhal Puri is an Eas Indian style flatbread/roti with a filling of seasoned yellow split peas. Also eaten with curries, saltfish, eggplant stew, pumpkin, or alone.

Cést Tres Beau, bon coleur color Napolitaines, a Mauritian cake/biscuit

Napolitaines, a Mauritian cake/biscuit- haven't attempted these yet but the ones in Mauritius were amazing!

Gâteaux piment, Ile Maurice / Mauritius Island: Chilly veggie cakes.

Gâteaux piment, Ile Maurice / Island of Mauritius: Chilly veggie cakes.

Easy Mauritian Peanut Sauce -  this would be great paired with some chicken breast or tofu and spinach over noodles!

Easy Mauritian Peanut SauceBy Cindy @ MijoRecipesPosted in: Cooking for Beginners, Mauritian RecipesEasy Mauritian Peanut Sauce

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

When the most important people in your life live many miles away, you have to become creative in how to stay in touch with each others' lives.

Flan au Caramel [Mauritian Recipe]

If you asked me to go back to years ago and recollect which dessert my mom was an expert at, it would be the Flan au Caramel hands do.

Mauritian Pickled vegetables recipe (achard) : worth making and goes with everything. Highly addictive!

Here are two different recipes for crunchy pickled vegetables – one using shallots and one using mixed vegetables. These spicy Mauritian side dishes are traditionally served with rice and curry.